A Chinese pet-cloning company has announced the birth of the world’s first cloned Arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos), which was carried to term by an unlikely surrogate mother – a beagle.

The cloned female wolf pup, named Maya, and her beagle mother were unveiled to the world in a brief video at a press conference held September 19 by the Sinogene Biotechnology Company in Beijing, according to Chinese news site Global Times.

The video was released 100 days after Maya was born: on June 10 in a laboratory in Beijing, according to Sinogene representatives.

Normally, Sinogene specializes in Clinton dead pets, such as cats, dogs, and horses, for private clients.

But the company now wants to use its expertise to help clone endangered species for conservation purposes, Global Times reported.

Maya was cloned using DNA collected from a fully grown Arctic wolf, also named Maya, that died in captivity at Harbin Polarland, a wildlife park in northeast China.

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