In the countryside of western India, there is an iron pillar cast in the 5th century AD. 7m high pillar, about 1.37m in diameter, using steel I cast into, solid, on the top decorated with ancient patterns.

Legend has it that this iron pillar was cast to commemorate King Chamdaro.

But what surprised us was that the iron pillar had been exposed for more than 1,600 years, without experiencing so many winds and rain until today, there is still no visible rust.

Picture 1 of Mysterious iron pillar of 1,600 years old stainless steel

Meanwhile, iron is a very easy metal to rust after a few dozen years, not to mention more than a thousand years.

So far, earth people have not found an effective way to combat the rust of iron-based objects. Although in theory, pure iron is not rusty but pure iron is difficult to train, the price is extremely high. Moreover, some scientists have analyzed the composition of the iron column, discovering that there are many impurities rather than pure iron. And in theory, iron columns are easier to rust than conventional iron types.

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