Humans always want and are constantly trying to be able to live in space. Many animals and even humans have been launched into space. There are even species that can reproduce outside the Earth’s atmosphere. That’s 2,487 jellyfish from a hugely successful NASA mission that launched in 1991.

As part of NASA’s first Spacelab Life Sciences Mission (SLS-1), which launched in 1991, 2,487 jellyfish were packed in seawater bags and launched into space aboard the space shuttle Columbia.

The survey results were surprising, after more than half a month of flying around the Earth, 2,487 jellyfish have spawned up to more than 60,000 – the fertility is significantly increased compared to when on Earth.

The scientists then raised new hopes and were about to use the same method to test the fertility of other aquatic species in space. Going further, they hope humans can also breed in space, making the universe a permanent habitable place.

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