Cancer is very mysterious and scary and when infected, the mortality rate will be very high. But according to research, large animals almost do not suffer from this dangerous disease.

Giant animals don’t get cancer

In the process of researching and finding ways to destroy cancer, scientists have discovered a biological paradox that until now has no complete answer. Confusingly, large animals such as rhinos, elephants, etc. seem to be immune to cancer.

Elephants are virtually immune to cancer.

This is absurd because with large animals there will be more and larger number and size of cells; The metabolic processes in the body will take place faster and more complex. So there should be more “faulty” cells that develop into cancer, right? That is the Peto Paradox. One puzzling principle is that the older an animal is, the less likely it is to get cancer. Scientists think there are two main ways to explain the paradox: Evolution and Super Tumor.


Evolve or die from a tumor. From the very beginning to the present, animals have grown larger and larger, which means they have more and more cells and face a higher chance of getting cancer. So they’ve invested more and more in the fight against cancer.

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