Thanks to recent advances in technology, scientists and engineers think that it is entirely possible for robots to build tall buildings. Robotic construction reduces risks and improves the quality of the building.

A swarm of robots will take care of this

Using a large robot would be too cumbersome and if it breaks down the construction will stop. What if we used swarms of small robots? They can be easily moved and built larger structures. Swarms of robots will crawl or fly high to build large structures according to their programming.

In research by Dr. Justin Werfel of Harvard and Dr. Kirstin Petersen, the robots were inspired by termites. Dr Petersen said: ‘Termites have built their nests with complex structures and dimensions that are larger than their size. Try to think of giant constructions. If they could create a swarm of such robots, they could build the Eiffel Tower without a draft. That would be great.”

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