The famous 3000-year old spaceship-like object that was discovered in Turkey in 1973 is undoubtedly the most famous 3000-years-old artifact that proves the existence of ancient aliens on Earth. Zecharia Sitchin found the item.

This icy greystone resemblance represents a modern reimagining of a rocket with engines driven from scientists and a human in a spacesuit. It could be the final piece supporting ancient astronaut claims of extraterrestrials visiting Earth in the past.

Sitchin says that copper might have been found in Mesopotamia or Cyprus at a recent discovery near Van Lake, Tushpa. Tushpa, Urartu’s capital, was located in the ninth century BC. The Urartian kingdom was found in the Armenian Highlands, near Van Lake. Urartu is first mentioned in Assyrian literature in written form. Urartu’s people were able to use Assyrian cuneiform for many reasons. It is believed to be about 3,000 years old. However, some scientists believe it could be older. It is currently not displayed and is kept in Turkey’s Istanbul Archaeology Museum.

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