According to an announcement on July 5, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) said that scientists working on the large particle accelerator (LHC) have discovered three more types of subatomic particles that have never been known before.

Speacifically, CERN discovered three more previously unknown types of subatomic particles, including a new pentaquark and a pair of tetraquarks observed for the first time.

Scientists at CERN say they have observed a new type of pentaquark and a previously unknown pair of quaternions, adding the three to the list of hadrons detected through the particle accelerator.

They will help physicists better understand how quarks bind together to form composite particles.

Quarks are elementary particles that often connect with each other in combinations of 2 and 3 to form hadrons such as protons and neutrons – the particles that make up the nucleus of an atom.

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